Wewak town faces water problem

National, Normal

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


DWU journalism student

THE Wewak General Hospital has been without water since last Friday.

It has made patients’ lives even more miserable.

Patients going for medical checks at the Boram General Hospital X-ray department could not get service as there was no water.

A Wewak resident, Ricky Seni, who was trying to get his medical checkup for police recruitment, was not able to do so because of the shortage of water at the hospital.

He said the same problem was faced in many Wewak homes. 

Seni said the problem with water was an ongoing issue in the provincial town.

Most of the residents do not have personal water tanks in their houses to store water, and so in the event that the water stops flowing, all the people suffer the consequences.

Many of these residents, who live in the town area have expressed anger and frustration with the water board.

Laurance Woheingu, another resident who lives up at Kreer Heights, said water was a necessity that was needed by everybody for washing, drinking and cooking.

Management from the water board could not be reached for comment when contacted.