Wewak women: Who is our PPC?

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The National, Friday 21st September 2012

EAST Sepik women leaders are calling on Police Commissioner Tom Kulunga to confirm a permanent provincial police commander to take charge of increasing crime there.
Wewak District Council of Women president Florence Parinjo said law and order problems in the province were escalating.
In a three-page letter addressed to the Prime Minister, Parinjo highlighted that Wewak had a major law and order problem.
“Killing and other forms of crime are a daily occurrence. There is no command and control in the Wewak police,” she wrote.
“The public had witnessed first-hand police, both regular and the auxi­liary officers, fighting each other.
“The question is who will look after the people when the law enforcing agencies are not carrying out their constitutional duties in protecting life and property.”
Parinjo said people could see the low morale of all policemen and women in Wewak.
“They seem lost because they do not have a good and competent commissioned officer to take stock of all the police personnel and restore command and control to once again bring the constabulary back to its former glory days.
“The change to the police hierarchies in Wewak must be made immediately if we are to see any improvements in the law and order problems on hand.”
Her letter on behalf of women asked for the Police Commissioner to appoint a new honest, young and competent commissioned officer to be the new provincial police commander of Wewak.
The letter asked that the policeman auxiliary known as I/D 24 must be disbanded permanently in Wewak should the new PPC take post.
“I/D 24 are auxiliary policemen fully dressed like regular mobile squad.
“They are fully armed, with police vehicle performing police duties but many a time they do illegal activities in police uniform.”