What’s the hold up to Dr Schram’s reinstatement?

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday March 7th, 2014

 THE University of Technology (Unitech) is one of the premier technological institutions in the Pacific, even today. 

All PNG citizens must know that it is the backbone of this nation.

This is an institution we need for the country’s development as well as to achieve Vision 2050. 

Unitech’s reputation has been tarnished by evil-dominated elites for the past two decades and government funds have been gobbled up by these big cow bellies. 

Unitech has been in a gloomy state without any fresh service deliveries. 

Dr Albert Schram  seems  a  man of integrity, transparency, accountability and change. 

He was appointed as the vice-chancellor in 2012 and under his leadership, Unitech changed within six months. 

After all the kerfuffle, students, staff and stakeholders  were informed thathe would be back this year  to resume his position. 

But we are still without him, now going into the fifth week of semester one and students are on strike. 

We  appeal to the government, Prime Minister Peter  O’Neill  and Minister Rimbink Pato to explain why this is dragging on for so long?