What’s the true objective of Manus refugee facility?

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday February 24th, 2014

 A CABINET minister broadcasted from his social media account on Feb 16 that a mass breakout recently occurred at the asylum seeker processing facility at Manus. 

However, his commentary was later  removed  and he has not made further statements about the matter. 

Did the minister fumble with classified information and so it had to be removed? 

Did he do the right thing by breaking the news to the public and like many, was then forced to be silent? 

Whatever the reasons, it appears that the Manus refugee processing facility has failed to function accordingly and the Australian and PNG governments continue to filter information about its operation. 

Why are they doing that? 

It  is only right that we now question the ultimate purpose of such a facility. 

These two governments will continue to spend billions in PNG to protect Australia’s international borders from people smugglers, but there is no suitable method offered for refugee settlement in this country. 

There is no use for such a facility if there will never be refugee resettlement exercises happening in PNG. 

If that is so, then this project in Manus is nothing more than a cash-cow that is covertly operating as a refugee-holding facility designed to psychologically persecute its detainees and deny them of their search for freedom to live. 

Has PNG lost is ‘freedom-country’ tag? 

I believe it has. 

Orlando Wangillen, Via email