What a let-down by Enga provincial education adviser

Letters, Normal

The Enga provincial government under Governor Peter Ipatas has spent millions of kina in education as school fee subsidy and quality education programmes.
However, the education adviser and his so-called divisional heads in the provincial head office in Wabag, lack the vision and competence to carry out quality education policies in the province.
Some of the notable lack of proficiencies observed by pupils, parents, teachers and stakeholders in the province are:
* The provincial education officers do not have plans since taking office. They have been operating on ad hoc basic;
* The progress is minimal or none at all. The provincial reform coordinator lacks sufficient knowledge to plan, disseminate and evaluate professional development policies the Government has introduced, causing pupils learning to suffer.
* The education standard has declined over the years. Senior standards officer is too busy and failed to lead his subordinates to visit and supervise teachers. The remote districts like Kompiam and Kandep are completely left on their own.
* PEB members, comprised of mostly illiterate village leaders, have no educational background to make proper decisions. Teachers are not looked after and many of them have left the province.


Sukul Koelya