What about the Melanesian way?

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 23rd January 2012

DICTATED by the PNG Constitution and the adopted-Westminster system, both the O’Niell-Namah regime and the Somare-Agiru regime have used and applied the three arms of government – legislature, executive and judiciary – in attempting to resolve the current political impasse.
But the resolutions found have produced only 50-50 outcomes.
 The outcomes have resulted in two prime ministers two attorney general, two police commisionsers and so fort.
  Amazingly none of the two parties are willing to take up alternative resolution measures as spelled out on the same constitution under the the PNG and Melanesian Ways.
These have been provided for  an amicable resolution to political impasse such as the current one.
PNG ways are consensus principle and practice – used and applied by founders of the constitution to resolve past political differences in the early independence years
Amazingly it has been left out of the political radar of both regimes.
The churches and civil society have encouraged such approaches to be taken by both regimes however, this has fallen on deaf ears.

Mangi blong ples