What about us, Baki?

Letters, Normal

The National

THIS is an open letter to the Police Commissioner Gari Baki regarding the 2007 RPNGC recruitment.
After the screening, short listing and the interviewing of the applicants in 2007, the names of the successful applicants came out in the media last year and it was divided into three intakes.
The first intake was in April last year, the second was last August and the third intake should have taken place in  November.
Recruits from the first two intakes have graduated and are in the field.
Unfortunately, for those of us in the third intake, we are still waiting to be called up to go to Bomana.
We wonder if the Police Commissioner can let us know the date because the people in the HR Division do not have a clue of what is going on.
Mr Baki must bear in mind that the recruits are not your ordinary Grade 12 school leavers but young men and women with university degrees and college diplomas.
We want nothing more than to be police officers to serve and protect our people, Government and country.
Some of us have left our jobs when we received acceptance letters telling us to confirm our availability and dates to travel.
Unfortunately, this did not take place.
Our names were printed in the media and our families and friends have seen it.
Our communities hold us in high regards. 
Mr Baki, you have a responsibility to us.
We want to be police officers just like you and we have been loyal in waiting.
So please don’t leave us high and dry.
Do tell us, the third intake, of what is happening.


Cop in waiting