What are we doing to rid corruption?

Letters, Normal

THOSE of us, who think, speak and act against corruption in Papua New Guinea, must condemn those who are implicated but continue to plunder and steal from public coffers.
It will not happen overnight but if we were to educate our folks on where PNG is heading, they will open their eyes.
Many of our illiterate folks in the villages have kaukau and water, so they do not care what is going on in PNG.
It frustrates me when we fail to act against any form of corruption.
As an educated person, the future of PNG looks gloomy to me.
Eradicating corruption is easier said than done.
The point is we need to change ourselves and then change the people’s mentality.
It is time to take the first step to be a model citizen for others to follow. -David Ulg Ketepa Detroit, Michigan