What consultancy was provided to SHPG?

Letters, Normal

I READ with interest the recent advertisement in The National by the Southern Highlands provincial government on the millions of kina that have been saved by defending the claims against the SHPG.
I would like to commend Governor Anderson Agiru and  Deputy Governor Isaac Joseph for taking such a tough stand to defend the money intended for projects and other important infrastructure projects in the province.
This is the right move to eradicate the claim culture and free handout mentality that existed in Mendi.
While most of the claims were defended, claims for two or three people were paid off or settled as per the advertisement and one of the claimants is Paropsonk Consultancy Ltd which was settled for K300,000.
The company is said to be owned by a serving senior public servant in the province.
If there was indeed some consultancy work carried out by this public servant as a consultant, then it would be better for all SHP people to know what type of consultancy work was done and how it benefited SHPG.
A paid advertisement of a similar nature should suffice.
This raises a conflict of interest, accountability and good governance issues, which Mr Agiru’s drive is aimed at cleaning out.
I call on administrator William Powi to investigate this.


Charles Peke 
Port Moresby