What happened to the money?


OTHER students attending various institutions in the country are benefiting from their respective DSIP through their mandated leaders while Telefomin students are still waiting patiently when the MP will, former defence minister release cheques to the institutions.
He promised early this year to pay our fees from the amount of K1.5 million which is budgeted for the school fees for Telefomin students.
Is that the ghost amount that was mentioned in the media?
Our expectations were very high because some of us came from unfortunate family and couldn’t completely pay our tuition fee but hoping that our MP will pay the outstanding which we owed to the schools.
His promised was sort of media propaganda.
The office of the member must tell us the truth when will the payment be released.
Some schools are urging the students to pay the outstanding payments so please it would be better to release the amount you promised to pay for each students before semester one ends or just let us know what’s happening.
Vote of no-confidence must not be the excuse to defer the payments.
The list of Telefomin students attending various institutions are also been sent to respective scholarship officers in the district but nothing good coming out from their end.
The birth rights of students from the district is being deprived.
Please walk the talk than we believed in promise without action.