What happened to this ship?


MV Morobe Rainforest was bought by former Huon Gulf MP Sasa Zibe through a national government PIP funding arrangement.
The people of Huon Gulf should ask MP Ross Seymour why the boat is not in operation.
MV Morobe Rainforest was operating very well and served Morobe from 2015 up to January this year.
It stopped sailing just before the national election, and is said to have engine problems.
The ship was an excellent boat. It was designed and built in Nelson, New Zealand, by Challenge New Zealand Ltd and cost K11 million. She was meant to be a low-cost, multipurpose vessel to service Morobe’s coastline.
The people of Morobe LLG and Huon Gulf want the Transport Minister investigate.
The boat is the property of the state of Papua New Guinea.

Toziemo Porewado
Morobe patrol post