What has Agiru done for Mendi since 2007?

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 5th January 2012

AS a woman from SHP, I would like to ask Governor Anderson Agiru what he has done for us in the past five years.
Just look at the state of the provincial capital Mendi.
It is a town in shambles.
Much oil and gas has been extracted from SHP over the years but there is no tangible development or progress  in Mendi.
Mothers in the province have been crying for better service delivery.
Even the chairman of Mendi Youths Association expressed similar concern but everything fell on deaf ears.
One thing is obvious – since Agiru was given the mandate, he has never resided in Mendi.
This is the reason why we did not see any deve­lopment in the provincial capital.
Despite boasting of hosting the LNG project and other projects, my town is still backward and I am ashamed each time I travel to other provincial capitals and see massive changes.
Hela will soon be a province of its own and what we experience in Mendi should be a lesson for the Hela people.
They must vote leaders who have the people at heart, not those who blow hot air.
We are already fed up with empty promises.
Nancy G Molo
Yaken, Mendi