What has climate change to do with quakes?

Letters, Normal

I hope members of the press will be better versed on climate change following the three-day workshop hosted by the PNG Media Council in partnership with the Office of Climate Change and Environment Sustainability (OCCES).
It is no secret that the OCCES does not have the necessary expertise to understand the complexities of the science, politics and economies of climate change.
Thus, I was alarmed and amused when the acting director of the OCCES in his welcome speech aired by EMTV news (Oct 13) implied that earthquakes are caused by climate change.
If that was not bad enough, it is shocking that the acting director should go on to infer that an earthquake of a 7.5 magnitude on the Richter scale would form a volcano. 
Volcanoes and earthquakes are related but what have they got do to with climate change?


Amusingly alarmed
Port Moresby