What is being done to control gatherings?


I EXPRESS my discontentment with National Pandemic Response Controller David Manning and the relevant authorities regarding the lack of protocol regarding the Digicel Cup grand final on Sunday.
Most supporters did not have masks on and were not practising social distancing.
Given the rise in Coronavirus (Covid-19) Delta variant and deaths reported, the authorities, while trying to do their best, have failed to provide stringent measures regarding large gatherings such as the grand final match.
I was watching the game with my mask, but the same cannot be said for most of the people around me.
Though they were checked at the entrance, they ignored the Covid-19 health measures when they were in the stands.
Papua New Guineans have an attitude problem.
This is very true.
Unless someone reminds them to do something, they will not do it.
With the 46th Independence celebrations coming up, what are the authorities doing in terms of controlling large gatherings?
It seems no one is worried about the Covid-19 so everyone might as well live with it and face the consequences.

Concerned Citizen

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