What is Kramer doing in Goroka?


LIKE flies’ unflinching obsession to the rotten smell of excrement, the Madang MP and Police Minister Bryan Kramer‘s obsession with the Goroka by-election is frighteningly phenomenal. When questions were raised in Parliament on his direct involvement on police operations, Kramer would smugly brush aside the claims.
Isn’t his involvement during the campaign and now installing cameras and giving live updates right on ground zero where polling is happening more operational? Let’s see what interest Kramer has in the by-election.
Is it for the effective running of the election?
Certainly not.
Elections come directly under the Electoral Commission.
The commission has branches nationwide and has a formidable team already up in Goroka.
They are ready to ensure a free and fair election is conducted for the people of Goroka.
And for security, there is enough police there as far as police operations during elections are concerned.

David Lepi


  • Police minister could be there making sure the police personnel’s carry out their duties in respected manner by the community

  • Just let the guy do his job. He’s there to ensure safe, fair and successful election. These are leaders whose got leadership qualities that push us to the next level.
    Just BK be. He is doing a job well done.
    None of you criticizers can do what he is doing – so zip it…

  • I think it’s none of anyone’s business what Kramer is doing in Goroka.

    What is so wrong with him being there? If you have any evidence of Kramer doing wrong things whilst in Goroka, then point it out.

    Otherwise, just stop being silly and naive in your thinking.

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