What is Napo trying to prove?


IT has come to the public’s attention in recent months that former Bulolo MP Samson Napo has been vocal about issues affecting Morobe. For some of the articles, he has been blunt on the province’s failure in addressing issues, which is good in keeping the checks and balances on the provincial administration. But in doing so, he has opened a can of worms for himself. First of all, as a former MP from Morobe, he had the opportunity to bring to light those issues and work with the provincial government to address the problems and challenges so that we would not be facing them today.
Even after losing the seat, he also had the opportunity as a senior political leader in Morobe to highlight these issues and use his influence to work with the Morobe administration to provide workable solutions. That is if he really cared and had the interest of the people of Morobe at heart. Why is he talking now after all these years? By criticising the current administration, he is acting contrary to some of the interests of the Morobe government which Governor Ginson Saonu heads. Napo holds the position of deputy chairman of Morobe Resources Holdings Ltd (MRHL). MRHL is the business arm of the Morobe Government. Thus, his conduct to publicly attack the organisation that appointed him and currently pays for his airline tickets from Lae to Port Moresby and provides him sitting allowances for board meetings is unethical. Napo’s son, who is the president of Buang local level government, is the chairman of investments in the Morobe government, which is the portfolio that looks after MRHL, which his father is deputy chairman of. Isn’t that a conflict of interest? Napo has continued to be a resident of Port Moresby, but yet he sees fit to continuously raise issues with Morobe’s affairs remotely. It would be only be fair if he came back to live in Morobe and face the realities on the ground to identify genuine issues and address them with relevant provincial public service divisions if he truly cares for the Morobe people. If he cannot, then it would be advisable that he concentrate on challenges facing the National Capital District Commission as he spends more than half of his time in Port Moresby. For the people of Morobe, we are now fully aware of so-called leaders who only care for the people when there is a national election and then go off the radar.
It would be in the province and Morobe governor’s interest to now discuss with Napo what his political interests are and if possible, replace him on the Morobe Resources Holdings Ltd board if there is a conflict of interest.

Concerned Morobean, Lae