What is the health status of Sir Michael?

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, June 22, 2011

THE silence over the health status and well-being of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is deafening.
Papua New Guineans far and wide have the right to know the latest health condition of our chief executive.
We cannot be kept in the dark and we need to know what the future holds.
The government should be providing us with a regular update.
The government has a moral obligation to do that.
In the recent past, when the Grand Chief was on his routine checks, the PM’s media unit or his family would send pictures and updates that he is well and recovering, but this time round, there has been nothing to that effect.
Even the two sacked ministers, who went to visit him, were barred from even having a glance at Sir Michael or pass on our well wishes.
Such forbidding actions by the Somare family raises speculation about the real condition of Sir Michael.
Why is the Somare family keeping Papua New Guineans in suspense? 
Is he okay, is he alive or is he on life support?
We are waiting in suspense.
There are many questions circulating among concerned Papua New Guineans.
It is best not to let rumour fuel further speculation.


Port Moresby