What progress is Agiru talking about?

Letters, Normal

THE Southern Highlands province is richly blessed with abundant deposits of natural resources such as oil, gas, gold, flora and fauna and, of course, coffee.
It generates almost 75% of the national revenue and, in return, given the biggest portion in the national budget for provincial development.
However, the most oft asked quote is “there is no sign of development taking place in the province”.
I went to Southern Highlands for my Christmas break last year hoping to see some changes but everything looked the same.
This has raised questions of mismanagement and exaggeration especially in the face of continuous media statements by SHP Governor Anderson Agiru on developments in the province.
There is no doubt he is building castles in the air.
I call on Mr Agiru to follow the footsteps of NCD Governor Powes Parkop, who talks little but delivers.


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