What sustainable services in Ialibu?

Letters, Normal

The National

I REFER to the letter “O’Neill providing sustainable services” (The National, Sept 9) by Joegee Kambu.
The writer talks about Ialibu-Pangia road sealing, Wiru and Kuare road upgrading, machinery for the electorate, telecommunication through VSat, 24-hour electricity seven days a week, permanent district offices and school and hospital maintenance provided by the MP.
Is the writer really from Ialibu-Pangia?
I would like to enlighten the writer.
The Ialibu-Pangia road rehabilitation is funded by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and counter-funded by SHPG, not from the purse of Ialibu-Pangia district support improvement programme (DSIP) as the writer claimed.
The project is worth K11 million.
The Wiru loop road upgrading is going on but not going anywhere.
Is this the meaning of sustainable services?
Where is the Kuare road upgrading taking place?
I do not see any mobilisation of this so-called project by the writer.
Furthermore, the machinery bought for the electorate is not seen doing anything in the name of sustainable development.
Who is benefiting from the machinery?
The writer should know that the electorate has been enjoying electricity and telephone services for decades.
Is the writer trying to tell the nation that Ialibu-Pangia was in total darkness until Peter O’Neill came along?
Till today, Mr O’Neill has not honoured his promise to build a three-storey district office building in Ialibu.
So which district office is the writer referring to?
Come on, Kambu. Stop making childish remarks.
The people of the electorate need tangible services to sustain us.

Nylon Kayson
Kemboli village, Ialibu