What sustainable services in Koare LLG?

Letters, Normal

I refer to the letter by Nylon Kayson “What sustainable services in Ialibu?” (The National, Sept 15).
The writer is right to criticise an earlier letter by Joegee Kambu (The National, Sept 9) who claimed Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill is providing sustainable development throughout the electorate.
I doubt Joegee Kambu is living in the electorate as he made a lot of misleading statements.
The writer should have checked his facts first before making all sorts of claims.
He is wrong to include places like Koare LLG because I am from there.
I have not seen any services like maintaining the 60km road from Una bridge to Karanda, improving our health centre, building new and maintaining rundown classrooms.
There is no such thing happening in Koare.
Our road to Koare has never been fixed or maintained since the Australians went home in 1975.
They were the ones who built and maintained all the roads until we gained Independence.
Koare has been left to fend for itself by every MP since Independence.
I urge writers not to simply spread misleading information.



R. Yatu
Kupia village
Koare LLG