What voters want from MPs


YOYO is a name tag every MP receive from their voters when they hop from party to party.
We also see our MPs as puppets and call them briefcase carriers because of their loyalty to one faction.
This comes after we are not satisfied with their decisions.
Although MPs are subject to criticism, public perception as such can degrade and destroy MPs reputation at a personal level.
Below are some common views from the voters.
Voters want their local MPs to:

  • Stay loyal to a political party that endorsed and supported them during their campaign period;
  • detached themselves from their affiliated party if people lost trust in party policies or its party leader;
  • join coalition parties in the ruling government;
  • refrain from supporting leaders or join parties they have campaigned against during elections;
  • join government and not end up in opposition; and,
  • Stand, talk and debate national issues rather than sitting and watching idly from the middle bench as a ‘yes sir master’.

Maybe some more I didn’t mentioned.
But few points above are public perception in regards to the conduct of our national leaders.
The MPs that we voted, did we gave them half representation powers or complete representation powers?
If we gave half representation powers or limited decision making powers, then there should be some avenue to resolve to a common understanding.
If the mandate we gave to them in full to represent, talk and make decision on our behalf on the floor of parliament, then we have to respect what kind of decisions they make.
It seems to be a conflict of interest and very complex to ascertain who is right.
Voters need to think before making comments to people we’ve authorised to represent us.
MPs who become victims of criticism can lose their seat during the next election.
He can be seen as a failed leader after he loses his/her seat.