What’s going on at police training college?


BOMANA Police College is the only credible police college in the country.
There is no other like it.
In saying that, every policeman and woman is a product of that college.
With this as their foundation, 90 per cent of their job output should be reflecting the training, discipline and knowledge they received during their time of training at the college. And this is my point.
There are very serious cases of women trainees at the college being coerced into providing sexual favours.
It is known that this has been happening for many years but these activities have not been reported because of fear and threats.
If Bomana is to be the birthplace of the country’s police force, then we cannot have high-ranking officers behaving this way?
Is this the kind of foundation we want for the country’s police force?
Don’t blame policemen and policewomen when they make mistakes; blame the instructors who trained them.
For the good of the police force and the country, these people should be exposed and sacked.