What’s happened to the 10 Commandments?


IT has been almost two years now since Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu laid down his government’s 10 Commandments for the province’s public servants to follow to improve performance.
One would expect the public servants to have taken heed of those political directives seriously and work towards ensuring that those directives for transparency in the workplace, improved workplace performances, creativity in the workplace, to name a few, are implemented.
But, unfortunately, while some good public servants are performing their duties, whether as a result of those directives or not, some are still missing in action and are hardly at work, floating around in limbo as if there is nothing to be done.
These includes not only sectional heads and staff down the line, but also divisional heads who have been absent from work for long periods of time without any concerns for their division’s performance, work quality and output.
Too many public servants are becoming too complacent and have a no-care attitude towards the work they do. They have poor moral and ethical values.
Public Servants chew betel nut in the office during working hours, gamble on horses or poker machines during working hours and drink beer during working hours.
These are a reflection of poor supervision and attention by the Morobe provincial administration’s top management team.
It is time that the Morobe administration’s top management team puts into place a system that monitors performance and sees that the government’s 10 Commandments are strictly followed.

Concerned Morobean