What’s happening with Yall-Usino highway?


THE Yall-Usino highway was launched twice already but nothing has happened.
The first launching was by former Madang governor Jim Kas and former Usino-Bundi MP Anton Yagama in 2014 with K3 million commitment by Kas.
The second was by former prime minister Peter O’Neill in 2019.
The people of Yall and Usino are still waiting for this road.
They need this road. Without the road, farmers and service providers of inland Begesin (Kasuar, Duen, Manipur, Mars, Komas, Kunduk and Uyapan) will still carry goods to Kawawar, Negeri and Usino, spend a night there before travelling to Madang.
Can the Government fast-track this road and make it a reality?
It has already been launched twice.
How many more launches should we have?

Francis Saliau