Wheelbarrows helping young men earn income

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A GROUP of young men are earning a living by using wheelbarrows to transport bags of produce brought in by farmers from the nearby car park to the Goroka market stalls.
Spokesman Bob Upisa said it was the only form of employment they could secure in town when they arrived to settle there.
Upisa said there were more than 50 of them.
“If it is not busy, we make K30 to K40 a day. On busy days like Fridays, we can make up to K50 and K60,” he said.
They charge farmers fees according to the amount of their produce they had to ferry to the market.
Upisa said competition among the “wheelbarrow boys” was tough but they were breadwinners and had to continue doing it.
Some who could afford it bought new wheelbarrows from hardware shops while others had to mend old ones to use. Most admitted that they had dropped out of school because of fees problems and had to something to do to earn a living.