When am I getting my NID documents?


THE National (page 9) yesterday reported that the national identity (NID) registration would require K120 million to get everyone registered.
An example provided indicated that it would cost K250 for a person in a rural area to produce his/her NID documents.
How effective is the NID office when it comes to queries from the public regarding birth certificates and NID cards?
We’ve been calling but nobody seems to answer our calls.
There is hardly no one in the office during working hours.
The NID office’s website is not updated regularly.
There is hardly any update about people whose documents are ready.
Despite the slackness, the office is now asking the Government for K120 million.
What happened to the millions of kina allocated to your office during former prime minister Peter O’Neill’s term?
I’m still waiting to get my NID card.
I registered in Dec 2019 at Vision City.
I kept calling the NID office but no one bothers to answer my calls.
I wonder if there are any employees there.
It is surprising to know that only 20 per cent of the population have registered and 80 per cent are yet to register.
I call on the public to demand the relevant authorities to audit the NID project.
Millions of taxpayers’ monies have been spent on this project.