When is work on Mogol going to start?

Letters, Normal

Mogol Secondary School in Mendi is the first secondary school in Southern Highlands province.
Over the years, the school has produced some highly educated elites who are now holding key positions in various organisations.
Although it does not have all the proper facilities, it continued to produce the results through sheer hard work and commitment from teachers backed by a supportive and peace-loving community.
The EU funded the school with K1.5 million in 1992 to build new classrooms, laboratories, dormitories and teachers’ houses.
It is now almost 20 years old and the buildings have deteriorated due to the continuous rain. in Upper Mendi.
The school’s infrastructure is now on life support and needs a saving hand.
It would have closed down if not for the support given by local business houses.
A donor agency gave K3.6 million last year to renovate and build new buildings for the school.
A contractor was said to have been given the project although it was not known whether the project was tendered.
I call on Governor Anderson Agiru to launch an investigation into the matter.
The people of Mendi would like to know what is happening to the money and why no work has started on the school.

Lel Yaro
Upper Mendi