When will MPs start fighting for Jiwaka?


IT is time for Jiwaka to have its own airport so that it does not have to depend on other provinces.
Jiwaka’s four MPs are now attached with the People’s National Congress party and they have been loyal political partners of the PNC for almost two consecutive terms of Parliament.
Is there a plan for an airport in Jiwaka, or other major infrastructural developments to be established under the political spotlight of the current government?
How will the government of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill repay Jiwaka for the loyalty of its four MPs, especially with the vote of no-confidence looming?
The PM is ignoring Jiwaka. He is always going to Mt Hagen, Eastern Highlands, Madang, Morobe, New Ireland, Sepik, etc. O’Neill, Jiwaka is not Tripoli, Benghazi or Damascus where al-Qaeda terrorists are a threat. Parliament under the Westminster system of democracy simply means that it is a place or forum for elected representatives to talk and debate aggressively on the floor of parliament to develop their constituency to benefit their constituents.
Do our four MPs talk to the prime minister about our new province and how it lacks major services like an airport, a prison, roads, education, and a district hospital in Jimi, among others?
I have been to many parliamentary sittings and even watch on television, but I do not see our four MPs pushing for Jiwaka affairs on the floor, except when Governor William Tongamp asked the health minister for funding for Kudjip Nazarene Hospital.
They seem to be quiet and faithful.
Parliament is not a church where you should be faithful and quiet while having silent prayers throughout.
MPs should be hyperactive, not hypoactive.
Our province is in catch-up mode and desperately needs basic government services to boost revenues and Jiwaka develop.
For this term of Parliament, we want our four MPs to be hyperactive on the floor and do things that are beneficial to our new province.

Max M Wapi