Where are Covid-19 funds


IS it real that we are faced with a shutdown of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) testing and administration facility at Rita Flynn?
This is playing around with peoples’ lives.
The Health Department is the most corrupt entity in the entire public service system in the nation.
How much longer can we as a nation put up with this rot? Aren’t there genuine people in this country who can be given the task of rebuilding this defunct department?
National Capital District Provincial Health Authority (PHA) is made redundant by the failures of the National Control Centre and that again has to do with the Health Department not releasing the funds to enable the NCD PHA to maintain its functions.
How low can we get, can the Health Secretary or better still the Minister tell the people of this nation why this facility can’t continue to offer its services?
The bigger question though is what has become of the millions of kina that has been brought onshore from abroad specifically to address the Covid-19 disaster?
Sympathetic friends helped with millions and we went off shore to borrow money for Covid-19, where has it all gone to?
There was more than enough money that would have been more than sufficient to build a standalone Covid-19 Hospital for the country in the last three years.
Why, how, where and what has become of these monies entailing the closure of this vital facility in the city? Something is wrong.
The nation is once again left to fend for itself while all budgeted funds are obviously diverted to other activities considered far more important than saving the lives of our people.


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