Where are DSIP funds for Sohe?

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, April 27, 2011

AS a concerned person from Sohe electorate, I am dismayed by the lack of transparency and services by my MP.
We badly need the provision of infrastructural development and health and educational services among others.
The following is my observation:
1. Building of new bridges along the Kokoda highway have been ig­nored since the Cyclone Guba disaster in 2007;
2. The upgrading of the Saiho police station has been left uncompleted and the place is now covered by tall grasses and bushes;
3. Villagers who stay away from the main Kokoda highway are forced to walk miles to reach the highway to gain access to government services like health, education and other services. Villagers from Ha­­nota, Ungiri, Urasusu, Serembe, Dikowari, Uja­va­susu and others need feeder roads and maintenance of existing roads; and
4. The electorate has only one health centre at Saiho. It has been operating since the colonial days and badly needs to be maintained and refurbished, including staff houses.
I call on the MP to explain to the people how he used the DSIP funds.
It is obvious the expended funds did not reach or benefit the local people.
What is the purpose of creating a website for the district last year?
Has it attracted inves­tors?


Da Siro
Via email