Where are funds for Kompiam?

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 29th December 2011

I HAVE noted with grave concern the critical issues raised by the Community Coalition Against Corruption (CCAC), a community-based anti-corruption group based in Kompiam-Ambum, Enga.
The group has highlighted tactics employed by politicians in general to win elections.
For example, in Kompiam-Ambum, 42 additional rest houses were built through the establishment of a new local level government (Wali-Tarua).
A report in The National recently about the visit by a team from the Office of Rural Development being received, escorted and “looked after” by people aligned with the current district political regime was spot-on.
As such, the assessments would be biased.
There is an urgent need for projects funded through the district servi­ces improvement programme (DSIP) in the electorate to be thoroughly eva­luated and made public.
As the ward councillor, my people and I want to know what happened to the K22 million in DSIP funds received this year.
This funding, as we understand, was for the Kompiam-Ambum district development plan launched some years ago and witnessed by Australian government officials and others representing the national and provincial governments.
The district plan was impressive, having captured some key issues and programmes highlighted in the medium-term deve­lopment strategy, Vision 2050 and others.
It featured important issues like the rehabilitation of education sector infrastructure and rural health improvement programmes, the national agriculture development plan, coffee rehabilitation programme and other rural-based improvement initiatives.
In the 2011 budget, K4.3 million was allocated for a hospital at Meria­manda. 
But until today, there is nothing to show.
My people and I would like to know where all the millions allocated have gone to.
On record, the government approved an annual grant of K18.5 million per district starting in 2008.
In Kompiam-Ambum, what we can see are some low-cost classrooms and an incomplete district office.
The CCAC is right to call for investigations into the affairs of the district administration.

Councillor Meck Mola
Ward One, Ambum Rural LLG