Where are Hides leaders and ministers?

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The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 WHERE are the Hides (PDL-01 and PDL-07) landowner leaders and senior state ministers who benefited from the K180 million that the Treasury and Finance Department paid in ghost MOA projects in September 2009 after the Kokopo UBSA forum?

Where are the vanilla and infrastructure projects under this K180m MOA funds in Hela? 

Shame on them!

They paid themselves millions in the name of MOA projects and gave a bucket full of lies to the small people on the land where the real resource will be extracted and exploited. Cheaters!

Now there is chaos in Hides PDL-07 but the taxpayers of PNG want to know where the so-called Hides landowners and senior ministers are and what they are doing to manage the people and the issues.

There are many chiefs and chief of chiefs in Hides when it comes to claiming for seed capital and MOA funds in relation to the PNG LNG project.

But where are they now when there is trouble on the ground involving the people they claim to represent?

Where is the National Government and where are the senior economic ministers and the so-called gas ministerial committee?

Where is Governor Anderson Agiru who has been a strong advocate of the LNG Project, ExxonMobil and the government? 

Stop cheating the people and the country. 

The small people and PNG need this LNG Project. 

Do it right and honestly or the small honest landowners will stop it. They have started it already. 



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