Where are our local leaders?


GAMA is one of the local level government (LLG) in Usino-Bundi in Madang and is made up of 14 ward council areas including Ambsipa, Komlaka, Kenainz, Korobaka, Nimbla, Gung, Bank, Kunbong, Kombaku, Foroko, Usaruk, Kuanghill, Umerum and Gai.
These council wards do not have access to basic government services.
While the local MP Jimmy Uguro is working hard, the LLG presidents and ward members are nowhere to be found?
The local leaders are in Madang town travelling in hired vehicles and hiding away in hotels and guest houses.
What sort of leadership is this?
The role of a leader is to serve the people and by working to deliver services in their communities and nothing else.