Where are school buses for NCD children?

Letters, Normal

I CALL on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to tell us where all the school buses and PMVs NCDC bought from Australia are.
The school year is about to begin its second term and the two buses he bought previously are sitting idle at Waigani.
Were they bought to sit there as exhibition?
School children have been forced to struggle, push, shove and fight for space in our PMVs and this is not safe.
Children are forced to stand at the doorway and are asked to pay the full 80t fare.
By the time they reach school, they are sweaty, tired and late.
Last week, I saw a school girl being squashed between two burly men.
Mr Parkop, you have done well to clean up the city and others but I think the school bus scheme has failed miserably because the buses are old and the reason they are sitting down idle is because they have broken down.
Recently, two Australians from Brisbane noticed the buses and one quipped: “So this is where our old Brisbane buses are dumped.”
Cut the PR stunts, governor, and give us what we deserve.


Port Moresby