Where are the Maseratis?


NG successfully ended 2018 by hosting the Apec’s senior officials’ meetings, finance ministers’ process meetings, leaders’ summit and business advisory council and business executives’ meetings.
PNG hosted all these meetings with confidence and much appreciation from member Apec economies.
For all of us from PNG, 2018 was the most significant and memorable year in our lives when we hosted one of the biggest international events with so much confidence and pride.
Apec came and went with much controversy.
The expensive Maseratis were ferried into Port Moresby by Boeing Jumbo Jets all the way from Milan, Italy.
Everyone was taken by surprise by this expensive cargo. The cars were used to transport Apec leaders and business executives, during their November meetings.
The Government was grilled by the Opposition as to how they were arranged, funded, purchased, and transported into PNG.
The Government defended the cars by declaring to the public that they did not cost the nation any money because all the cars would be sold and the costs fully recovered.
Now the cars have disappeared, just as they came like a thief in operation, while the Department of Finance is wasting more public money by publishing public notices in the newspapers to recover and sell all the Apec assets.
The Government must inform the nation as to what has happened to the expensive cars, whether they were sold and their costs fully recovered and how much.

Port Moresby