Where did the money go?


I REFER to the headline “Wewak spends K7.3 million on infrastructure projects, says Isifu” (The National, Apr 4).
I wish not to go against my good member and his DDA on how they plan and spend this K7.3 million.
But I am disappointed my MP did not explain the use of money in his statement on the mentioned date.
I know acquittals presented to the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) meticulously state the spending of the K7.3 million, but my concern is the report intended for public consumption through the media must also outline in brief the use of the money, on which project, its value, project location and beneficiaries and so on.
Obviously, general statements create questions and leave room for people to blame their leaders for misusing their money.
The people of Wewak district need to know how their money was spent, how much was used, the recipients and which area this project was built in.
People do not know the administrative processes between the District Development Authority (DDA) and the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD).
To instil trust and confidence, you’re on the right track by publishing this in the media, but your report content seemed too general.
Many of our good MPs go through the leadership tribunal, not because they misuse public funds but because of the careless administrative documentation processes carried out by their responsible officers at
district and provincial levels and poor timing of report presentation to departmental heads in Waigani.
To conclude, we support you as a young, vibrant and new blood in politics to keep the good work moving forward.
Apart from developing Wewak town, you should put more emphasis on developing Wewak local, East coast, West coast and Wewak Islands.

Hanam Bill Sandu.
Islander, Wewak

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