Where has Huon Gulf MP gone to?

Letters, Normal

THE people of Huon Gulf are searching for their member who might have got stuck somewhere in the Waigani swamp.
The MP from the district has been one of the quietest in this term of parliament unlike other districts in Morobe.
We want to know what is happening to the DSIP funds allocated to the MP.
Health facilities in the district are falling apart and many of our mothers and children are dying due to lack of basic medical treatment and medicines.
The Angau Memorial Hospital is not far from Huon Gulf district office where our member, Sasa Zibe, is the Health and HIV/AIDS Minister.
While our hospitals, health centres and aid posts throughout the country are falling apart and people are dying of preventable diseases everyday, our MP has decided to build a super hospital at Bautama, Central, which is so far away.
What about his own people, who gave him the mandate?
When will he stop planning and start implementing?
After planning the agriculture sector in the last parliament, when he was the minister, what good has it brought to the people in the district and PNG?
Our schools are still waiting for the promised millions under RESI to rehabilitate the 32 primary schools in the district after spending a fortune on an expensive consultant to prepare a proposal.
Our teachers are still waiting also for their houses with funding from the district treasury.
I wonder what he will tell the people when he goes on the 2012 campaign trail. 


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