Where is K12m, our member?

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, January 14, 2011

 NORTH Waghi MP Benjamin Mul has admitted in the media this week that the electorate  North Wahgi Electorate has so for received K12 million.

I have always thought that North Waghi has not benefited from the district Services Improvement Program (DSIP) because there is no single tangible development to date in North Waghi.

He owes it to the people of North Waghi to explain how he has spent K12 million.

Mul is telling his people that he was elected to pay for funeral expenses, bride prices and compensation for his supporters and has spent large sums of monies on them.

The Ombudsman Commission, the Office of Rural Development Office, National Planning Department’s monitoring unit and the police fraud squad should investigate and determine how K12 million was used.

The above actions must be within the DSIP guideline.

Mul has claimed to be a millionaire before he became an MP. If he wants to be successful millionaire, should provide health services, schools and roads.

The unfortunate North Waghi people seed an explanation from Mul on how he spent K12 million belonging to the North Waghi people.



Joseph Kolep