Where is our pay?


In support of a letter published on Friday (Nov 19) by “Frustrated Staff” regarding SHP health staff still awaiting payment, can the Finance and Health departments do the payment as soon as possible because it is totally unfair for some to receive it while others are still waiting.
We were being promised that it would be paid on pay 20 and now, pay 23 has passed.
The K10 million was approved and allocated for payment and, in fact, this payment was supposed to be completed in September as it was announced and stated in the media.
However, for whatever reason, we are now near the end of November, nearing December, and still haven’t been paid.
All the required documents have been submitted and upon screening and verification, it was approved for processing.
Why did some get paid on pay 20 while others did not?
Finance and Health departments, you are dealing with people’s lives and this delay will not be tolerated.
Especially when others have already been paid while the rest wait.
Why delay the payment for others?

Frustrated Concerned Member

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