Where is PNG heading?

Letters, Normal

Who a person associates with defines that person’s character. Like appreciates like.
I have been wondering why our MPs are passing stupid laws in parliament when the people on the streets know they are flawed?
In China, the ordinary people have no say in the way the country is run.
The government does not allow objective comments.
A good example is in Tiananmen Square when the people rose to cry for freedom and democratic rights in 1989 only to be shot and crushed by the military.
Is PNG heading that way?
Our PM has been talking about the government’s right to make laws without being questioned.
Isn’t that dangerous?
He expects the people to behave like puppets and stay quiet.
PNG is increasingly becoming a “police state” where the police have to stop outright all gatherings by the people to discuss maladministration perpetrated by the government. 
Where is PNG heading?
And does the CS really need so many guns?


John Kales
Port Moresby