Where is the K60 million?


I WRITE about the news that the Government has allocated K60 million to over 6000 wards through the secretary of provincial and local level government affairs, Dickson Guina (June 27).
The secretary said the government has been annually allocating K60 million to 6033 wards in the country since 2012.
He assured the government will continue this policy this year to help ward councilors develop their wards by allocating them K10,000 each.
He said the councillors were now using the funds to take services to their people at village level.
The secretary is quite confident and we should therefore be seeing tangible changes at village levels.
As a concerned citizen, I was troubled when I saw this issue in the news.
How can we substantiate the claim that all ward councillors received their allocation from the department of provincial and local level government affairs? The question is, which grants?
Is the department depositing this K10,000 directly in the ward accounts?
Can someone correct me if I am wrong. As far as I know, the Government is giving out PSIP and DSIP only and not the LLGSIP component.
If the department has included this ward councillor’s allocation with DSIP component, how did the Open MPs distribute this money to the LLGs?
If the MPs have given this to the LLG heads, then why are so many hard-working councillors struggling to fulfill their five-year ward development plans?
K10,000 is quite enough to bring basic services to simple people at village level.
I was once part of the ward development committee of a ward in Wewak Island local level government in Wewak, East Sepik.
I didn’t see my ward councillor receive a cheque of K10,000 and deposit it into our ward account.
So if the secretary is correctly outlining this in the media, then good on you, because some rural people are still suffering.

Hanam Bill Sandu

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