Where is the money, MP asks

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The National, Monday February 17th, 2014

 MADANG Governor Jim Kas questioned in Parliament last Thursday why the Manam Restoration Authority was not properly funded and operational.

He said it greatly affected the lives of the displaced Manam islanders.

Kas asked the Minister for Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, Leo Dion to find out why the authority was not functioning as it was supposed to be serving displaced Manam islanders.

Kas said there were three care centres in Bogia and Sumkar and land had already been allocated for the resettlement of the islanders.

He blamed Bogia MP, John Hickey for stopping the resettlement exercise.

Kas urged the government to provide the funding for the authority to move ahead with the resettlement.

Dion said the authority was passed by an Act of Parliament.

“During my recent visit to Manam, it was sad to see that the authority wasn’t operating on the ground. It is confronted with difficulties and I urge the MPs of Madang to work with the governor to see it operating.

“There must be consultation. Consultation is very important and all MPs must help. 

“I have instructed my secretary to sit with the MPs and the governor to sort out the MRA issue.

“Firstly, all MPs in Madang must work together. We need to move forward. The department will only agree and make amendments to the MRA once I get full support and co-operation,” the minister said