Where there’s food there’s life: Central makes most of day’s work

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MOBILISING and empowering rural people in the development process through sustainable agriculture will create wealth, provide enough food and social security, an official says.
Department of Agriculture and Livestock acting secretary Francis Dain was addressing a World Food Day celebration in Port Moresby yesterday. The day is celebrated annually on October 16 and is dedicated to tackling global hunger as food is a basic and fundamental human right.
Food and Agriculture Organisation representative Ken Shimizu said the theme of “our actions are our future” meant a zero-hunger world by 2030 was possible if everyone worked together. Farmers mainly from Central displayed produce at the stalls.
Marry Apa from Hisu village specialises in making flour from cassava.
“I am selling cassava flour and I have made flour from yam and taro and I look forward to selling them in future,” said Apa.
Orai Mouni, from Amazon Bay in Abau district, said it was difficult and costly to transport taro to the city.
“I have to hire youths and the women fellowship group for K150 for every round to carry the bags of taro to where the road is,” Mouni said. “Though I face challenges, I am determined to continue because there is a huge potential in the land and with this my people can have the means to earn money.”

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