Where’s the funding for East Sepik police?


WHEN making complaints or reporting law and order problems in Wewak and Angoram, police officers always give the reason of no fuel.
They are always getting help from the provincial government or local level governments.
When asking for police pass or summons, they say there’s no ink.
Where is the operational cost budgeted annually for the police stations?
Why are the public spending money on fuel and for printing documents?
The provincial government is currently conducting recruitment and requires police clearance reports.
However, there was no paper and ink available so the officer concerned spent his or own money to print the reports.
To the provincial police commander and governor, please look into this matter.
Police service should be available to the public.
The police station building in Wewak is an eyesore with its rundown appearance spoiling the image of the town.

Concerned Pondo