Who is at fault?


STATE Enterprises Minister Sasindran Muthuvel is now saying that the continuous power blackouts in the city is due to outstanding bills.
Is what the minister saying correct?
This could be one of the reason, but the answer we customers usually get from PNG Power Hotline is that; “there is fault at Rouna at Bomana feed station and their technical linesmen and officers are being dispatched and working to identify the fault and power will restore back in 1 or 2 hours’ time”.
After one or two hours’ time, power is restored back.
So who are we going to believe? The outstanding power bills or faulty lines?
The Minister should check thoroughly and ensure that top management level is operational and functioning smoothly.
As customers, we pay to use power therefor services should be adequately provided.
This continuous blackout demonstrates the lack of management at the top level.
Whoever is the current CEO needs to be sacked.
We cannot continue to experience frequent black outs every evening when we want to cook and use power for other essential stuff.
Stop treating us like we are not human. Priority of essential services such as water and power should be given full attention instead diverting your attention elsewhere.

Frustrated Power Consumer,