Who is right?


I WISH to share this story of a millionaire and his son for you to judge who’s wrong and who’s right.
A millionaire and his son both love shopping in the same shop.
One time, as the father was leaving, the cashier excused him and said: “Sir, every time you take the change from us and leave the till, but whenever your son comes in here, after shopping, he tells us to keep the change”.
The millionaire replied: “Great to hear of my son’s action but he doesn’t know the numerous sacrifice, hard work, toils and what I endured over the time to make it to where I am now, if he had gone through life realities of what I went through then he won’t be doing that”.
We can decide ourselves to apply this in our situations, whether to be as a father or the son.

Ambang village


  • Good story.
    Having spent over 20 years abroad I have made the comparison recently and concluded along what is being said here.
    Black man starts something, and makes it grow only for the sons to squander it.
    White man starts something, makes it grow and his children make it bigger and better.

  • Rule No. 1 – Father is Always Right
    Rule No. 2 – if you think I’m wrong, refer to Rule No. 1

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