Who is right?


I READ with interest the article in the other daily on Monday headlined “Kramer misled the House”.
In it, the head of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary internal affairs directorate, Chief Supt Robert Ali, says the Police Minister Bryan Kramer provided misleading information to Parliament and the people of PNG about the directorate renting a K3 million per annum office space and hiring vehicles.
I do not know whose facts are correct. Perhaps the minister was misinformed or was “shooting from the hip”.
In any case, generally, the questions were worth asking.
The gist of it, is that Kramer is working toward addressing poor administration and corruption within the police force as a whole.
If rental of properties and hire of vehicles – of any police directorate, division etc – are costing the constabulary too much and can be better spent elsewhere within the police force, then arrangements should be reviewed by the police hierarchy.
It would also be educational to know how many internal affairs cases have been investigated to completion over the years, and specifically, over the time the property referred to was leased, considering it was rented to provide a conducive operating environment for staff and appreciate the value of their work output.
With the many recent complaints and allegations of police misconduct, the directorate must be very busy and the public look forward to being informed about any completed cases.


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