Who own ATS land?

Letters, Normal

I HAVE been staying with a relative at the ATS settlement for the last six months.
I must say that I am very surprised and annoyed to see that some self-appointed so-called leaders from Oro province living there are selling portions of land for between K2,000 and K3,000 each to people who want to settle there.
They are also collecting unnecessary fees from the settlers.
Then there are the so-called brothers who claim that they are the traditional landowners and are selling portions of land between for K5,000 and K15,000.
I also want to buy a piece of land there and build a good permanent house for my family.
But before I do that, I want to know who the rightful landowners of ATS settlement are.
How can the Oro settlers claim that they own the land when records at the Lands Department show otherwise?
How can the so-called brothers claim they own the land when they cannot produce any documental evidence to prove their claims?
I appeal to the Lands Minister and his secretary to intervene by sending officers to ATS settlement to explain to the people who the real owners are.

Confused mangi
Port Moresby