Who said Hela is URP’s turf?

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter by “Pro-URP Hela Igini” that Hela is URP’s turf (The National, April 12). 
Perhaps the writer is living in dreamland, where the URP is wholly-owned by the people of Hela.
To put things into perspective, many Hela people are not aware of the party leaders and are not financial members either.
Where were they in 2002 and 2007 when the people of Hela were facing one hurdle after another?
What has the URP done for Hela in the last 35 years?
Today, everyone is jumping on the bandwagon, claiming or telling people that it was Anderson Agiru who achieved the dream introduced by Hela great Andrew Wabiria.
Where was URP when we desired most now that you are asserting that Hela is your turf?
Former MPs like Sir Matiabe Yuwi, late Marabe Makiba, late Aruru Matiabe, Herowa Agiwa and Alfred Kaiabe rigidly tried to push the agenda forward but in vain.
However, it was the new kid from Tari, James Marape, who first declared during his campaign at Andaja oval in Tari town that if he wins the election, he would vigorously fight the fight left by Chief Wabiria and others in Parliament.
He has lived up to his promise and achieved the goal.
The call eventually reached the corridors of Waigani and Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare heard our cries.
The people of Hela are grateful to Sir Michael and his cabinet for making the people of Hela realise their dream.
The people also commend Damien Arabagali and members of Hela Gimbu Association for vigorously pursuing the agenda as well.
The National Alliance delivered this gift to the people of Hela and who is URP?
It did not sponsor the bill or make it as the party’s resolution.
Why celebrate on others’ feast?
How can someone come and harvest another person’s garden he has just cleaned and planted?
After the sweat and tears, do you think he will allow someone else to cut in and claim the glory?
I think not.
Mr Agiru must also explain to the 250,000 voters from the Hela region why he has relinquished his leadership to the young Mendi Open MP.
If he was genuine, why didn’t he offer it to the more matured MPs from the province than choosing a young inexperienced MP?
Whose interest is he really serving?
Whether you like it or not, NA is in control. 

Piri Ekopia Angobe
Piripu village