Who will benefit from new hospital?

Letters, Normal

WHY on earth is the Government so keen on building a new world class hospital when it cannot even maintain the existing ones?
Was a feasibility study conducted to see the viability of the project before it was so boldly splashed across the pages of our newspapers?
The people of PNG are not stupid.
We can see that behind the fancy architecture drawings and so-called international support for the project, the ultimate goal is political survival in the next election.
How are people from the provincial centres going to benefit from this hospital when airfares are so high?
In the end, the hospital will only benefit the people in Port Moresby and Central province.
I suggest that it would fairer and more practical to use the money to upgrade and maintain the existing hospitals throughout the country so the vast majority of Papua New Guineans can benefit.
I strongly urge the people to think critically about what is being offered and by whom.
Politicians do not get into power by themselves.
It is the people who give them the mandate.
If Papua New Guineans want to put a stop to corruption which is destroying the economic fabric of our society, they must make a stand now.
If a tainted leader ends up in Parliament, we have only ourselves to blame.


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